Wish there was an easier way to rent in Berlin?

You're not alone. Whether it's dealing with the uncertainty of rent prices or battling with paperwork, we feel your pain.

Fair Housing is a bold venture to shake up the way renting happens in Berlin. Improve transparency and untangle the bureaucracy for tenants and landlords alike. That's our mission.



Fair Housing is a concept for a blockchain application that enables landlords, tenants and subtenants to equitably participate in the housing market by empowering them with the tools they need to make informed decisions before entering a rental contract. 

By registering rental stakeholders and contracts on the blockchain, Fair Housing sets up an architecture that:

  • streamlines the rental application process;
  • enables landlords and tenants to more effectively manage their rental contract relationships;
  • establishes transparency on market rental prices; and
  • enables tenants to easily passport their rental history wherever they relocate.

In a housing market with so much competition, imagine as a landlord having an easy means to vet and find that ideal tenant; as a tenant knowing that you have secured an apartment at a fair price; and as a subtenant possessing the certainty that you can legitimately reside in a place that you have sublet. Bringing transparency and security to Berlin's rental market. That's Fair Housing.

Are you an expat?

We need your help!

Fair Housing is collecting insights from non-German newcomers of your experiences securing housing in Berlin. Was it easy or hard?  Help us build a prototype of our app by answering a few short questions.


The Fair Housing Team met at a Blockchain for Social Good hackathon in July 2018. We immediately connected over our shared values and commitment to Berlin, the city and it's people. 


Like the best teams before us, we come from diverse backgrounds, with successful careers in urban development, civic technology, and software development. All the skills, life experience, energy and passion needed to create a meaningful revolution! 


Interested in joining the team? Drop us a message!

We're on the hunt for a native German, passionate about the future of renting. 

Connections in the housing industry and/or experience in German Law a plus!


Chartered Civil Engineer and founder of the Urban CurioCity project. Urban development specialist.


Sociologist, facilitator and researcher.


Mathematician turned software developer with over ten years experience.

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